Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rasta Pasta

Tonight's harvest resulted in what I am now calling Rasta Pasta. 1 lb 8 oz of tomatoes, 7 oz of peppers.

Added this to some Italian Sausage and Pasta. Yum!


  1. You guys are so cool. I don't know how you do it, veggies so early. We can't wait for a few fresh tomatoes...I do have a couple green ones coming on though.

  2. Thanks Mr. H! This harvest is mostly from the solarium (all the tomatoes) and from the greenhouse. I'm embarrassed to show our outdoor tomato plants. I spent way to much time hardening them off and really stunted their growth. Oh well, next year we'll get the timing nailed down better. I'm not even sure we'll get a single outdoor tomato this year. I wonder if outdoor vs indoor tomatoes taste different?

  3. I'll tell you what, if this rainy weather keeps up I may have to build myself a solarium (or maybe an ark) to grow tomatoes in. I finally planted my tomatoes, peppers, cucs, eggplants, and squash the other day and really hope it warms up again pretty soon. The salad greens like this weather though.:)