Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday

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The marigolds in the greenhouse are getting big. These blooms are 3-4 inches across.

The greenhouse violas are sprawling. I know it's too warm for them but I can't bear to say goodbye to these plants. I tried to kill them without success this past fall and they sprung up in the greenhouse in February after freezing temperatures and months without water. The faces are getting a bit bleached in the afternoon sun.

This is a whatchamacallit. It's a perennial of some sort and one of the only perennials that is blooming outdoors. It looks like we won't see much excitement in the perennial flower bed until next year.

I've got a couple baskets of geranium that are basking in the heat of the greenhouse. These really brightened up the place and made it look a lot less utilitarian.


  1. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I love your blooms! I believe your whatchamacallit is some ttpe of dianthis. They are so pretty and realible. Looking forward to seeing more of your bloomers. Jean

  2. That perennial is a Dianthus, or "Pink". They all look similar with crinkled edges. Is yours a light pink? I have a light pink one called Dianthus Firewitch.

  3. That's right, it is a dianthus. It's all coming back to me. :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your blooms with us. I came to visit from Bloomin Tuesday. I see that you already know that your perennial is a dianthus.