Monday, May 24, 2010

Done with dirt

We finished moving dirt today! All of the beds are filled, the two massive mounds of soil are gone and grass seed is down. That makes 40 yards of dirt and 60-80 yards of mulch moved so far. Our backs and arms are ready to be done. Some pictures to show our progress since last October.

We burned some stumps and laid a lot of mulch to turn this field into a garden.

The fence has proven to be both dog and deer proof so far. Success.

The aerial view of the completed beds and planted trees.

Grass seed down. Its finally time to get to the fun part of gardening!!


  1. Wow Karen & Jeff, Congratulations on all you are getting done. It will be beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I just realized you're in Montana - We are sort of neighbors.

  2. That is amazing, what an incredible difference. It will be really neat to follow the growth this spring and summer. Congratulations! Mom

  3. You have an amazing setup and will certainly reap the rewards of all your labors. Hope it isn't snowing up there this morning, feels like it could down here...brr.