Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raised Beds

We've made some more progress on filling the raised beds. Just a couple more beds until we're done moving dirt! We're also getting much closer to having our fence up. Jeff has everything laid out and is renting a post hole digger tomorrow. I think that everything will look a lot better with the fence up and more well defined lines. Right now, this area of the yard looks like total chaos.

Maybe by next weekend we can plant our fruit trees, currants, honeyberries and raspberries out in the garden where they'll be safe from deer. Right now they are relaxing in the greenhouse, hopefully they're not getting too comfy.

Here is a close-up of our currant. We decided to try out a currant (Black September) based on the advice of an Idaho gardener who has had a lot of luck with them in a similar climate. Right now, it has the most new growth of all of the berry bushes and fruit trees. We may add more to the collection in the future when (and if!) we create a berry patch.


  1. I think you will enjoy the currant, they should do really well in your area. The nice thing about currants is that once you get one plant established it is super easy to start new ones from cuttings.

    We also have two little honeyberry bushes that have been growing ever so slowly. Last year we split the one and only berry that was produced between us.:) This year the one bush is loaded with flowers and looks really good, I hope it produces more than one berry...fingers crossed.

  2. All those raised beds are making me wish for a bigger yard! Hope the fence project goes smoothly and keeps those pesky deer out of your goodies.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. That is a lot of raised beds!

    I have been curious about how honeyberries taste. I'm a huge berry fan, but I like them sweet. "Honey" would imply sweetness, but I've been fooled before...

  4. While trying to identify some edible wild flowers that we ran across earlier in the week I came across this site on wild edibles of Montana, it looks to be a pretty in depth site with lots of nice pictures and descriptions.

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