Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seedling Update

The seedlings are all doing very well. Everything sprouted faster than expected which I am attributing to the warm temperatures of the room that we kept things in. The room was about 75 degrees for the first week and a half.

Above are some pepper seedlings with some true leaves showing.

A few tomato seedlings. I can't tell, are these looking a little leggy? I've been thinking about adding some additional light fixtures but I'm not sure if it's necessary.

Above is some Russell Lupine. These seedlings look adorable and I can't believe how big they're getting. We planted these 2 weeks ago and expected germination to take ~3 weeks! We're going to plant a bunch of these in the garden. I think that these might help improve soil by fixing nitrogen and possibly phosphate. At a minimum, the flowers will be pretty and hopefully make for some good food for the bees!


  1. Your seedlings look perfect.:) Our onions are just starting to come up and we will be planting more tomatoes tomorrow. Thanks for the information on lupine, I did not know that they fixed nitrogen...I may have to add some of them to the garden this year.

  2. All of them look great! I don’t think that tomatoes are leggy, I think that they are just the perfect size.

  3. Hi;
    Your lupines should grow beautifully in your Montana garden. They grow wild where I lived in Minnesota - seem to love the coldest, rockiest areas of my gardens here in Utah. I grow them to improve my soil as well though I was not aware they could improve phosphate. Good to know. :)