Saturday, October 10, 2009

Citrus & Snow

With winter coming, we've been spending a good deal of time collecting firewood. I had never done this before, but with the cost of a wood permit being $5 it is such a cheap way to heat our home. I wasn't looking forward to getting our wood, but I've actually had a lot of fun spending time out in the woods while being productive. Here I am posing with the truckload of firewood that we worked hard for!

We're trying to get 2 cords of wood for the winter. Our goal is to heat the house with the wood stove only. I think we'll be able to do this as we've already been here 2 weeks with night-time lows consistently in the teens to 20's and haven't had to use any type of heating. We our very excited by how energy efficient our home seems to be! Our house is one of a couple hundred in the US called an Ekosea house. The way it works is very cool. Here is a link to a website about this style of home: Ekosea homes.

I'm hoping that the solarium will make a lovely climate for our new citrus trees. We have now got dwarf lime, lemon and mandarinquat. With the sun and temperature in the solarium I think they will thrive. I can't hardly wait for them to reach their mature height of 6-10 feet. The solarium will feel like a tropical jungle!

Lastly, some gratuitous pictures of the pets. Meet Chloe the quaker parrot.

Here is our puppy Noah. This was his first time in the snow. He loved it!


  1. Hello Karen,

    I came across your blog on Blotanical.

    How great that you are raising your citrus inside a solarium. I will be interested in seeing how they progress.

    We grow a lot of citrus here (Arizona), but I am very interested in seeing it done inside. Please keep us posted!

  2. Nothing will take a chill out of the bones like wood heat. It's all we've used for many years.

    Enjoyed browsing your're off to a good start and I will be back to check your progress. :-)

  3. Seems that every blog I go into today is talking about winter. We've had such a warm autumn, it doesn't seem possible it's so close.

    I found you through blotanical too. Hope you enjoy it there and we'll see you around a lot.

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! In Montana right now it definitely feels like winter. We've woken up to snow (small amounts, but still snow!) 4 days this season already. We also had a few days with lows in the single digits. I'm ready for winter to come though, with the greenhouse and solarium there is year-round gardening potential.

  5. Nice pics. Your house looks fantastic! And same with your greenhouse.

  6. Ahoy! I've stumbled across your blog while researching Ekosea homes. We are considering purchasing one in Northern California, and I would love to chat with you about your experiences in your home. Do you have time to briefly connect? Cheers, Megan