Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avoid Heirloom Acres Seed Company

Well I'm off to a rough start with the garden so far! I had ordered about 25 different seed varieties from Heirloom Acres Seed Company 2 weeks ago. I was hoping to have seeds germinated and just about ready to stick in the beds in the greenhouse by the time we moved in. I never received any information from Heirloom Acres about shipping dates and times, it just says on their website that orders rarely take longer than 2 weeks to be received. I've e-mailed them a few times with no response and left phone messages that go un-returned. Unfortunately, it looks like I was fooled by a slick looking website. Further investigation reveals that many people have filed complaints with the BBB over Heirloom Acres, have received no product and no refund despite many calls and e-mails.

For my next order of seeds, I've done some research and found a company with great reviews - Victory Seeds. Live and learn I guess..... While shopping on the internet is fairly common place now a days, this serves as a reminder to me to do some background research before purchasing a product through an unfamiliar company.



  1. there is fedco, southern seed exchange, cook's garden,bakers creek rareseed, johnny's select, pinetree, nichols, high mowing, irish eyes (i think irish eyes is the name......this is all off the top of my head)in addition to victory(who i also like)
    heirloom acres is a nightmare and has no business being in business IMO
    if you do decide to order from them, be prepared to file complains with paypal and your cc company

  2. I've recently experienced the same thing with Heirloom Acres Seeds. Instantly took my money, no phone call returns or email responses. What a terrible way to run a business and treat people. I guess this is standard business for many American businesses.