Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Bantam Rooster

Free 3-month old bantam rooster to a good* home. Perfect for the person** who wants a 5:00 am wake-up call and frequent reminders throughout the day to stay awake.

*Highly liberal definition of "good home".
**A teenager would be an acceptable substitute for a "person".


  1. Ha! Sorry, no takers here. Good luck with that.

  2. Yeah, didn't figure anybody would be interested. "Molly" has stopped crowing quite so much, at least for now, so we will keep "her" a bit longer.

  3. This rooftop enclosed patio gardener says Bantam Chickens may be my ranch choice someday.

    I once kept a smaller pet rooster hidden among my indoor office 40+ GUINEA PIG COLONY of cages. Rooster revealed himself with his crowing to which even a bribe of food could not stop. :D

    May I ask your Montana location?
    My ranch is in the Pacific Northwest.

    This is my 1st BLOG entry!
    Ate a tasty fried Purslane Mexican recipe this morning.
    VERDOLAGA = PURSLANE = only land plant High in Omega-3 {same as fish oil!} & Vitamins A & C.

    Arrived here searching for Purslane:
    purslane propagation
    propagation purslane cuttings
    Indoor & Outdoor Gardening in Montana:
    April 2010
    Free Bantam Rooster